This Love for Tradition Combined with Contemporary

Design is a Key Theme

Bayt-lb products are handicraft items made with the aid of machines: by this we mean that, even though we rely on contemporary industrial technology and processing equipment, at depth our practice - the one we believe we ought to stick to, our inherent attitude is still rooted in a handicraft culture.

This love for tradition combined with contemporary design is a key theme. Although working almost exclusively with metal, like high grade stainless steel, brass and copper, other materials have been introduced such as porcelain, glass, mother of pearl etc. ... Each new material has its own carefully created production process to ensure that every finished product is of the utmost quality, whether using contemporary elements or age old practices.

This is our kind of sails

the traditional touch with a modern twist.

Being a Lebanese Maker of Traditional Lebanese Handicrafts, does not mean that we are confined in a certain geographic area.

We are more than pleased to let our creative works reach the population in different parts of this vast world. You only need to contact us and ask for our Shipping Services.