Let's meet our team

Such a group of highly-motivated, passionate and committed members, make up and come up with all the magically outstanding ideas for your traditional Lebanese designs. Such a caring and responsible team is our main asset for success! 

Ramzi Abu Fadel

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Beirut-Lebanon, Ramzi rejoiced in growing up amidst its authentic people, vivid nature and rich heritage.

Since his childhood years, the distinctive cityscape sceneries and architecture enchanted him and the sight of his grand parents’ traditional Lebanese house in Mount Lebanon was always there, intense and alive. He admired its triple arches, which stood there tall and elegant, the texture of its rough stones and the earthly colors against the blue sky. He felt small, back then, yet proud. Following his schooling degree, he joined the architectural department at the American University of Beirut, to further pursue his graduate studies in the renaissance city; Florence in Italy.

His passion for architecture and design drove him to embark on a journey of investigation. His intricately designed pieces of daily use objects are the outcome of his ongoing observations and experimentations. Constantly engaged in exploring the new while staying faithful to the past, Ramzi is carrying his vision to another dimension.

Armen Sherbetjian

Born and raised in the beautiful town of Anjar in Bekaa valley, Armen's creative character was carved by his multicultural Lebanese and Armenian background and was impeccably influenced by the magnificent scenery in the area, also his skills were cultivated through his passionate studies of Interior Architecture and Graphic Design.


Nevertheless, a small town couldn’t gratify Armen’s high hopes which were the reason for his relocation to Beirut with the goal of creating infinite masterpieces by joining the Design Workshop and Design Office at Bayt-lb.
Ultimately, he is an artist of simplicity and sophistication at the same time. For, his designs come straightforward, elegant and functional creating such a timeless impact and his created lean lines are characterized by their utmost simplicity, yet meticulous crafting.


Moreover, Armen handles traditional and contemporary projects with a supreme focus on the longevity and strength of the good composition. 


Armen’s dual nationality blessed him with an exquisite wealth of techniques in arts and crafts which shows and is used in all of his designs.

Yasmine El Halabi

Born in colorful Venezuela to Lebanese parents, Yasmin grew fond of the Lebanese culture and was highly-inspired by its traditional art and architecture.


Therefore, she traveled back to her homeland in 2013 to specialize in Interior Design and develop the expertise to create fascinating works of art.


As she had been living away from Lebanon for a significant period of time, Yasmin came back with an imminent feeling of nostalgia and appreciation which made her excited for reencountering and reconnecting with her Lebanese roots.


Essentially, that’s the reason behind her big joy for working at Bayt-lb for she has a strong belief that design is a delicate matter used to define and reflect an image of our true identity to accordingly inspire others genuinely.