Each piece speaks of a wondrous time and place

Surrounded by the cold rush of our daily lives, we sort of missed reflecting on our inner beauty therefore, we decided to just settle for all the “common designs” in our spaces. We tell you that life is too precious so, we should treat it accordingly by leaving our genuine touch of art. And just like this, our creative architect Mr. Ramzi Abou Fadel came up with his genuine, authentic and traditionally Lebanese concept named: Bayt-lb. 
Bayt-lb meaning house in Arabic is a traditional Lebanese concept of all-encompassing design that would introduce beauty to your space in different pieces of art.

Creativity is the center of the whole

It is the norm for everything you see around, it is the answer for every one of your existential questions and it is a built-in human trait that we purposefully decided not to let go of in our Lebanese Handicrafts.

Creativity is divine. Therefore, treat it accordingly and choose to embrace every one of its sides in every one of our designs.

Bayt LB by Ramzi Abou Fadel

The Founder

I have always had this genuine feeling of love and appreciation for the traditional Lebanese touch of art.

However, as our days turned more into the practices of easy-fix, mechanical speed and dry standards, I became even more attached to the traditional Lebanese touch of art, customization and personalization, so to give my esteemed clients all the purely remarkable items of design. Because, well true art makes you stop and stare.

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We uplift creativity to a whole new level!